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The Rife Machine

Bring relief and achieve an improved quality of life.

Well-researched waves of defined frequency that massages pathogens and organs alike.

An image of rife machine set with other peripherals.
An image of a rife machine being hold by a person.
An image of rife machine set with other peripherals.
  • Small and Lightweight

  • Strong Signal

  • Comfort

  • Quality and control

  • No. of frequencies and Conditions

What is a Rife Machine?

The Rife Machine is an electronic device that generates electromagnetic waves of frequencies between 0 and 100,00Hz.


It is also referred to as a Rife machine, Rife resonator, Rife frequency generator, programmable frequency generator, or even a Hulda Clark Zapper.

The two most important criteria of the machine are that the waves are in square wave or block wave format and that the frequencies are pinpoint and accurately produced. 


PATHOGENS is the collective name for all bacteria, viruses, fungi, bodily worms, and flukes. Although the effect of waves on worms is relatively easily observed it is infinitely more difficult on the smaller pathogens.

Waves have various effects on pathogens and different frequencies are tested on every pathogen species to measure the effect. This is the reason that many different frequencies are often listed to treat the specific pathogen.

Different CONDITIONS experienced by the person could also have many different pathogens listed as having a defined effect in that condition. To complicate this further several conditions could be the cause of some complex CONDITIONS.

Researchers found that frequencies could have any of the following effects on the pathogens:
     • Kill the pathogens outright
     • Changes the intended life cycle such as its ability to destroy healthy cells and/or the ability to multiply,
     • Simply just vibrate the pathogen to break its camouflage allowing the natural immune system to take control and destroy it.

Researchers recommend that the time used on every frequency is 3.00 minutes. This could mean that many hours of treatment are required to apply all frequencies to the treatment list.


Rife Machine can also massage and optimize organ functioning by using low-spectrum and well-directed electromagnetic waves, which can have a myriad of benefits to the human body.


Aging organs specifically lose their ability to function at their youthful optimum. Organs have many functions for humans and most of them are well known and understood, such as the heart muscle responsible for pumping blood through the veins, filters of blood and liquids such as the liver and kidney, and the uptake of oxygen by the lungs. Many others however are responsible for the generation of chemicals, enzymes, minerals, hormones, etc. Deteriorating organs then often have the effect of diminishing quality of life and illnesses.

One such example is the energizing of blood flow. This alone can improve oxygen delivery and immune responses to all the important organs in need of it. The healing of many diseases and conditions is dependent on the positive flow of blood to the affected areas.

Another excellent example is the brain. It is a well-known fact that music can excite or calm an individual and evoke many different emotions. The release of hormones can affect the healing processes both directly and indirectly.

Most illnesses and conditions, however, automatically cause stress, trauma, and even depression. More recent frequency research has focussed on the role of the brain in healing and general well-being. These frequencies are now all part and parcel of the Rife Machine treatment regimes.

Frequencies are tested on pathogens and organs and listed in the treatment thereof when a meaningful improvement is detected. The user can therefore experience a varying degree of relief and improvement

Advantages of Rife Machine

Rife machine was launched in April 2021 and is the complete deal. It contains the latest in electronic-, as well as energy wave -technology.

With 4400 CONDITIONS and 100 pre-programmed groups buyers should consider buying this product should affordability allows.

An image of a rife machine being hold by a person.
An image of rife machine set with other peripherals.

Bring relief and achieve an improved quality in your life with the Rife Machine.

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