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What is a Rife Machine?

The Rife Machine is an electronic device that generates electromagnetic waves of frequencies between 0 and 100,00Hz.


It is also referred to as a Rife machine, Rife resonator, Rife frequency generator, programmable frequency generator, or even a Hulda Clark Zapper.

The two most important criteria of the machine are that the waves are in square wave or block wave format and that the frequencies are pinpoint and accurately produced. 



  • Small and Lightweight

  • Strong Signal

  • Comfort

  • Quality and control

  • No. of frequencies and Conditions


Rife machine was launched in April 2021 and is the complete deal. It contains the latest in electronic-, as well as energy wave -technology.

With 4400 CONDITIONS and 100 pre-programmed groups buyers should consider buying this product should affordability allows.


Frequencies are tested on pathogens and organs and listed in the treatment thereof when a meaningful improvement is detected. The user can therefore experience a varying degree of relief and improvement

Rife Machine

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