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Finding the root cause of your symptoms...


What is DNA Assessment / DNA Pathogen Scan? How does it work?


DNA Assessment/DNA Pathogen Scan is a comprehensive process of detecting abnormalities and pathogens within a person's body through DNA sample (e.g. hair). 

The DNA Health Assessment is super useful when looking into the root cause of symptoms.  I use a pathogen scanner, which highlights any bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, etc. that may be in the system causing issues.  I look into the Muscular Skeletal systems, Immune & Nervous Systems, Digestive System, Hormones and Heart and Brain. 


If there is any imbalance then, I look deeper into the biochemistry of the cells, the pathomorphology of the organs and then for any toxins. 

During this assessment, we'll delve deep into your health on a cellular level, uncovering the ROOT CAUSES of any symptoms you may be experiencing.

From there, we'll work together to chart a natural path towards deeper and more effective healing.


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WhatsApp #: +64 (0)21 109 6828

DNA Health Assessment | Pathogen Scanner

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