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Reclaim Your Health!


Daily, I see an overwhelm of pathogens, many viruses, bacteria and parasites in our bodies that becomes too much for our immune systems to handle.


We have been feeding them and our bodies have been compromised. They are taking over and causing pain, inflammation, autoimmune illnesses, chronic diseases and weight gain.


Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), with over 60 strains, may be linked to a wide range of conditions like chronic fatigue, pain, and autoimmune issues, suggesting a more complex role than previously understood.


The meal plan and recipes are designed by Anthony Williams, who specializes in removing pathogens from our bodies and I will be adding information about our systems and how they are reacting during this journey.


We will be having weekly coaching calls!


Membership site access is also included!


Contact me!


WhatsApp #: +640211096828

28-Day Deep Cellular Cleanse Program

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