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Keps Health Ltd.

Keps Health currently offers clients a Life Intelligence Bio Resonance scan, which identifies any imbalances throughout your entire body, the Quantum Resonant Analyzer which reports on areas to focus on, many programs and energy healing. 


Many factors can affect your health and your body’s energy and these include, stress, allergies, hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, ingestion of toxic substances, pollution, and parasites originally found in water and foods and many more. 

Every cell and organ in the human body has its own frequency and distinct oscillation.  These frequencies can be measured and compared with frequencies of healthy tissue, which have been stored in a graph-form database. Any imbalances found can have a significant impact on your health and your ability to experience a thriving lifestyle.

Keps Health has formulated wellness programs to ensure a reduction in absenteeism, increase performance, decrease health care costs, increase work moral and team work, energize the workplace, increase in company loyalty, reduce stress and a massive increase in sales performance.

We also offers other programs which include weight management, healthy ageing and mind-set training.  All to ensure you can move from a survival lifestyle into a thriving lifestyle. Keps Health is passionate about healing and teaching.

Image of Kerry Dell with trees


Natural Health Practitioner | Life Transformational Specialists | Certified WILDFIT Coach

Kerry is the catalyst that assists you in bringing your body back into balance, so you can heal yourself.  She unlocks the potential for you to change your life and have an incredible future. 

Kerry specializes in Vibrational Food, Belief Alchemy and Transformative Age Reversal Actions, which results in reducing your metabolic age, weight release, removal of inflammation and pain, and bringing back your energy and vitality.


She uses leading scientific technology with the Life Intelligence Bio Resonance Scan, Quantum Resonant Analyzer, DNA Analyzer and various frequency healing programs.


Kerry, a Corporate Leader turned Natural Health Practitioner, Certified WILDFIT Master Coach, Approved Mindvalley Coach with experience as a TV and Radio Presenter. Kerry holds numerous qualifications including Post Graduate Degree in Business, Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Nutrition, Certifications in Meridians, Geopathic Stress, Anatomy and Physiology Kerry has also spent over 25 years attending, researching and qualifying in Personal Development Programs


Her mission is to empower individuals to live their best life possible, full of energy and vitality.  She is the magic you have been looking for to unlock your most magnificent life. 

Image of Martin Dell


Retreat Facilitator & Energy Healer

Martin has been involved with wildlife, private reserves and national reserves for over 40 years.


He has an in-depth knowledge and passion for wildlife and conservation which will be valuable and evident on your tremendous experience with him.

Martin is a certified Usui-Reiki Master Practitioner, Spiritual Healer & Animal Communicator.


He has worked with and been extremely sensitive to energies from a very young age.  He has over many years developed his own unique technique and this combined with professional training, it is his passion to heal and make you feel comfortable, healthy, balanced & stress-free. 

He has a very strong background in finance and has enjoyed a successful career as a Financial Advisor and Investment Manager for almost 20 years.  Although he enjoyed the corporate world and the financial freedom it provided, over time, his health was severely affected.


He removed himself from this cycle and then turned towards Energy Healing, which has drastically changed his life and his well-being.


Martin has a passion for his family and for living with honesty, truth and integrity.  His values are deep and meaningful and his contribution to people that meet him is invaluable.

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